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All Retro Sweets
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Pink bubblegum made with natural flavours & colours
Apple flavour hard boiled sweets
Herbal flavoured hard boiled sweets
Pineapple & raspberry flavour chews and aniseed flavour chews
fruit flavoured sweet in a plastic case
Chulky thin white candy chewy stick
Brazil nuts enrobed in a thick coat of dark chocolate
Barrett sugar covered jelly sweets
Barratt sherbet dip with a tasty strawberry flavour lolly
Chilly coated Fruit flavoured hard boiled sweets with a chilly flavoured centre
An old-fashioned classic of the sweet world
Mix of Liquorice Allsorts sweets that we all know and love
Liquorice covered in hard shell, like the comfit but bigger
Barratt Milk bottles shaped dusted gums
Individually wrapped mint flavour hard boiled sweets
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*Some products are individually priced